We make people with disabilities more independent by developing requisite driving skills and facilitate modification vehicles accordingly

'Specially abled' are characterized by desire for positive change and are always striving for emancipation and flourishing. It is seen every day amongst people living with disability. It is an active hope.

What is staggering is how the efforts of a person, can truly make a difference in addressing the problem and the journey towards empowerment of disability to ability.

Join hands to make specially abled people independent with the help of driving ability, and nurture the skill development within.

We have already started the journey towards establishing the first Driving School using vehicles modified for the Specially Abled.

Watch Harish Kumar's Single Handed Driving Video

Ability on Wheels Driving School at Vadodara

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People believe disability is someone else's problem and commonly believe that people with a disability are not able to make a significant contribution to the community, and that they are somehow not of equal value as human beings and members of the community. 'Ability on Wheels' will work with to change this perception and help specially abled to be part of the main stream community.

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You may like to volunteer the change by participating for the cause, either through your valuable time or contributing monetarily or even by helping us raise funds.Your help in any form will be valuable for the society and the cause.

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Your donations irrespective of the amount are too valuable and we ensure to provide you all the aspects of the sources , where your contribution may get leveraged for the cause for us to connect back with you.